My name is Noah Orth,

Born and raised in Miami, I ran away from Florida at 18 to pursue my interest in outdoor adventures in the mountain west and internationally.  I have spent the last 8 years of my life working seasonally and in my off time undertaking wild adventures. I have worked as a Wildland Firefighter and EMT with the US Forest Service, as a construction worker, maritime deckhand, landscaper, freelance jack-of-all-trades, and as a cattle station hand deep in the Australian Outback.

Away from work I pursued backpacking around the globe, embarking on a six month solo off-road motorcycle trip from California to Panama, over-landing across the Australian outback for 10 months in a 4×4, not to mention back country hiking, camping, and engaging in outdoor pursuits of every kind in the thirty some-odd countries in which I’ve visited and lived. 

I left Florida and never looked back. Until now. All that time I sought wild places but neglected those in my own backyard.

After learning about the Florida Circumnavigational Saltwater Paddling Trail, I knew that this was a special opportunity that I could not pass up. Although I have little to no experience sailing, I have always dreamed of using a small, wind and human powered boat to traverse a large distance.

I’ve had a life-long passion for stewardship, conservation, and outdoor adventure. I have also always dreamed of turning my adventures into something bigger than just a hedonistic pursuit in the outdoors.

I’ve always considered myself a steward, someone who believes in conservation and sustainability, but believing and doing, now those are two very different things. Through my travels and outdoor pursuits, I have gained so much from the environment. So I decided its time I take action to turn my convictions into deeds, and give back. 

COASTING is my way to share the beauty of the Florida coastline with you, not simply to entertain, but to bring attention to what we’ve already lost, and what we could potentially still stand to lose if our course continues on this path. It’s one thing to believe in environmental conservation. Join me in doing something about it.

You can connect with me at coasting.info@gmail.com, or fill out the contact form below.